Flex Posts – Responsive Posts Widget

Flex Posts Responsive Widget

Flex Posts is a widget to display posts in various different layouts. It is useful for a news site where you need to display a lot of posts in a page.

The widget is responsive so you can place it in any widget area. The widget content will adapt based on the width of its container. In a narrow area like standard sidebar, posts will be displayed vertically, but in a wider area, posts will be displayed in 2 or 3 columns depends on the container’s width.

Widget Settings

    • Title: Set the widget title. Leave it empty to hide the title section.
    • Title URL: Set the title link url. Leave it empty to disable link in the title.
    • Layout: Select a widget layout, from layout 1 to 4.
    • Post type: Select the post type. Options include: Post, Page, and custom post types if available.
    • Category: Select a category for the posts, or choose All Categories to disable this filter.
    • Tag(s): Set a post tag (using the tag slug). You can also use comma separated value for multiple tags. Prepending a tag with a hyphen will exclude posts matching that tag. Eg, featured, -video will show posts tagged with featured but not video.
    • Order by: Set the order in which the posts will be displayed. Options include: Newest, Oldest, Most Commented, Alphabetical, Random.
    • Number of posts to show: Set the number of posts displayed.
    • Number of posts to skip: Set the number of posts to displace or pass over.
    • Show image on: Select in which posts the image will be displayed. Options include: All posts, First post only, or none.
    • Show categories: Choose to show or hide the categories.
    • Show author: Choose to show or hide the author.
    • Show date: Choose to show or hide the date.
    • Show comments number: Choose to show or hide the comments number.
    • Show excerpt: Choose to show or hide the excerpt
    • Excerpt length: Set the number of words for the excerpt.
    • Show read more link: Choose to show or hide the Read More link.
    • Read more text: Set the text for the read more link. You can leave it empty to use the default text (Read More).
    • Show pagination: Choose to show or hide the pagination links.

Since version 1.1.0, Flex Posts also includes a gutenberg block. You can add the widget directly into the post/page content with the WP 5.0 block editor.